Chronicle apologises to Ramkarran

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The Chair, Board of Directors and Editor-in-Chief of Guyana National Newspapers Limited and the Guyana Chronicle unequivocally apologise to Mr Hari Narayen Ralph Ramkarran for two specific instances of libel against him as well as Chronicle’s role in what was indisputably a politically directed campaign of which he was the target.Mr Ramkarran, Senior Counsel and a former Speaker of the National Assembly, is a citizen whose outstanding reputation precedes him. The first libel was contained in an article dated the 2013-07-24 in which the Chronicle alleged that Mr Ramkarran had been involved in some unspecified way in the disappearance of funds belonging to the estate of Yusuf Mongroo, deceased, from a bank in the Cayman Islands.

The second libel was contained in another report of a press conference at which Mr Bharrat Jagdeo, the former President of Guyana, attacked Mr Ramkarran’s integrity in connection with the same defamatory allegations contained in the article mentioned above. This occurred on the occasion of Mr Jagdeo’s response to Mr Ramkarran’s comments that Dr Cheddi and Mrs Janet Jagan had lived lives of luxury in Bel Air Park. Mr Jagdeo’s comments had attracted wide condemnation.

The Guyana National Newspapers Limited and Chronicle are satisfied that the allegations are completely false, malicious and without any foundation whatsoever.

They arose simply because Mr Ramkarran is representing the beneficiaries of the Last Will and Testament of the Estate of Yusuf Mongroo and could have had the effect of prejudicing the outcome of a court case against the said beneficiaries which is currently ongoing and which was seized upon by the then political administration to embarrass Mr Ramkarran because he had become a critic.

Guyana National Newspapers Limited graciously accepts Mr Ramkarran’s decision to discontinue legal proceedings as we look forward to his always valuable interventions gracing the pages of the Guyana and Sunday Chronicle.

As we retool and rebrand the Guyana and Sunday Chronicle, we commit to resolve all inherited disputes and to ensuring that the State newspaper lives up to its basic journalistic, civic and ethical responsibilities. We can and we will do better.

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  1. This goes to show the extent to which the previous regime went in an attempt to silence those dissenting voices of people trying to build a better GUYANA INCLUSIVELY. there seem to have been a very influential team specially skilled and tasked with such things. In the end truth always wins though. My humblest apology to you too sir. keep up your good work .

  2. Let them say what the want but you cannot point a finger at a Bel Air son,let alone Boysie big son.
    Shameless suckers and all along their hypocrisy covers up Jadeo investments in Miami.
    If you want honesty, look at the life of my idol Boysie Ramkarran.

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