Guyanese would probably think of better things to do than read the newspapers today. For those who choose to read this article, please accept my best wishes for a Happy Christmas. For other readers of Stabroek News, and all Guyanese, I wish you also Happy Christmas. Stabroek News has generously published the articles that I began to write for my blog, Conversation Tree (, […]


The month of August marks 25years since the PPP’s selection of Mrs. Janet Jagan in 1997 as its presidential candidate for the elections due later that year. I was the only other person seriously nominated. Why I was not selected is now only an asterisk in history, if so much.  However, a few still consider […]


Universal adult suffrage, with its promise of Independence and social justice, gave rise to popular participation of workers and farmers in active politics. These, along with professional and small business owners, were mobilized by the PPP. The dominant foreign business operatives, their allies in the big business community and the high bureaucracy, formed the ruling […]


In 2012 I wrote an article which was published in the Mirror newspaper which represents the views of the PPP. I said that the PPP governments had done much to deal with corruption and I pointed out the steps that had been taken. I noted, however, that increasing government spending had created additional opportunities for […]