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  1. To all the loving sane folks of Guyana
    May you enjoy your cake and cassava
    May we also stop complaining like a parrot
    To see a day when they impeach Bharrat
    May all your crops come in healthy and full
    Behave like people and stop being chul-chul
    May our country be free of all social ism
    And be cleansed from all that nepotism
    May the people come together as one
    Stick around even after the party won
    May we stop behaving as a stupid clown
    Pick up a broom and clean up Georgetown
    May God spare the sea-wall from another flood
    So we would not end up in water, slush and mud
    May the bickering and bs. bring about a balance
    And settle for a new form of shared governance
    And from all of us abroad and in Canada
    Let there be Peace and long live Guyana

  2. Thanks very much happy new year greetings to
    you n staff n the Ramkarrans, hoping this new year
    will we wl have good news-

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