The life and work of Fr. Malcolm Rodrigues represent and symbolize much more than his individual efforts, courageous though they were. The violent rigging of the 1973 elections facilitated by the seizure of the ballot boxes by the Guyana Defence Force and their sequestration at Camp Ayangana, enabled the PNC to declare a two-third majority […]


The Ambassador of the United States of America to the Cooperative Republic of Guyana, Her Excellency Mme. Sarah Ann Lynch, is about to conclude her assignment in Guyana. Ambassador Lynch has been the most consequential resident American representative in Guyana in its history. The impact of her diplomatic work has surpassed that of all other […]


MUDWATA, still defiantly profane and homophobic, is back, daring the authorities to find him and ridiculing their arrest of Keron Bruce. It is not certain whether MUDWATA is a comedian, a campaigner against evil, or a vulgarian seeking to appeal only to the prurient. Some will argue that his profanity and homophobia disqualify him from […]